Samstag, 26. März 2011


This is one of the posters of the current yes or no "Against Normal" campaign. Yesterday in the train I saw it for the first time and as I saw the belt that the girl is wearing I couldn't believe my eyes! Isn't that the belt I wore when I was 13? I've never thought that I'll see it again in my life but unfortunately I do now!

What do you think about these belts? Do you think it could be a trend again or do you think that belt shouldn't be produced no longer?! Write down your opinion!


  1. Horrible things from the past comes back, so why not for this ugly belt. but seriously, who cares ?

  2. no they look like the ones that used to come free with really cheap jeans :/ x

  3. the boy and the girl very good,but the house very bad