Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

"Schlossnächt 2011"

Hello Dears!
Yesterday I was at the "Schlossnächt 2011" thats a theater in a castle. The topic was that nothing lasts like it was. They had great costumes and good ideas to represent the differences between the time of yesterday and tomorrow.

I've worn my new jacket from LONDON. It's vintage and I love the colour and the velvet material! Do you like it too?


  1. The jacket is lovely! I see that you visited London recently! Love London a lot. My photos were taken in Rotterdam ;)

  2. Great pictures honey :). I love love love your supercute jacket, great choice.


  3. Love that romantik Bed. And Wonderful pics by the way

  4. Hey Siessi:) Han dr en Blogger Award gäh:) Lueg doch mol verbi:

    xoxo und bis am Donnstig

  5. Alanah :) hett mich mega mega gfreut dich kennezlerne, bisch eifach toll.
    ich verfolg dich mal...und freu mich scho super ufs bloggertreffe.
    love mari.