Montag, 10. Januar 2011

London 2011

Hi my dears! Unfortunately I'm already back from London and school started today. But I have a lot of things to tell you! 

1 Day 
After a short and confortable flight we had to find the right express train and the right underground train. First it wasn't that easy and it took his time to find the plattforms and to understand every undergroundguide! but then at lunch we arrived at our hotel near the Bayswater station! Finally! I couldn't wait to see London so we walked down the streets and enjoyed to shop in all these little shops and all the big department stores. In the evening we took the underground and get off by the picadilly circus to enjoy SOHO and the lovely Chinatown where we ate dinner.
After a long day (I got up at 3 o'clock!) i fell happily in my bed. 

2 Day
This day we did more sight seeing. We saw of course Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliaments, London Eye, Buckinghampalace, St. James park and more nice places. But there was enough time to go shopping and we discovered a great part of Brick Lane with all the lovely Vintage shops and also vintage markets. Our dinner was in one of the fabulous steak houses - mmmh I'll never forget this delicious food ;)

3 Day
First we went to the Portobello market and it's really a lovely place. The houses are all coloured and it has a lot of charm! Then we decided to experience the hugest shopping street of London - the Oxfordstreet. It was amazing - all these great shops that you can't find here in Swiss. Just the paradise. But after such a long day my feets hurted and the last thing we did was to eat in a italian restaurant. It was so tasty!

Unfortunately there was only the black cap drive bevore we had to go back home. 

London is a great city with lots of things to see. You're never bored and everything is so stunning, especially when you're from such a small city like me! I hope to go back when I'm old enough for the London nightlife!

There are two trends of footwear in London.
The first trend is shocking - it was about 9 degrees and so many women wear ballerinas. They wear not even socks or tights! 
The second trend was definitely wellingtons! Especially the brand "hunter". And it's perfect for the rainy weather! =)

Also a trend that goes into a wrong direction is fur - everywhere you look there's fur. There were whole markets with fur and I think it wouldn't be arguable ethicall! THERE'S JUST NO WAY TO WEAR REAL FUR!!


  1. schazz es gseht super us!!
    musch denn mal zeige was alles kauft hesch. :)


  2. din style isch echt schön :)

    wot au unbedingt mal uf london :D

    xo anja

  3. I love london!with this pics u remember me when I went there 4years ago. I spent one month there alone,searching job and friend, It's been the best experience I have done in my life!I need to come back!
    Like ur outfit and ur rings!