Samstag, 20. November 2010


Asos is full with velvet clothes but I've never seen the style in the street!
I think it's a very royal cloth and i would prefer wearing it as evening dresses!
What's about you? Would you wear velvet clothes and to which occasion? Karen Millen

Lisa Jayne Dann

Emma Cook



  1. The last dress is amazing! Lovely colour as well.

  2. I think it's so beautiful but I never find the occasion to wear it, feels so fancy to me.

  3. lovely heels!!

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  4. thex ur sweetie comment:)

  5. danke für deinen kommentar;)
    ich finde der primark hype läuft so langsam aus...und ich bin auch ganz froh darüber! du kannst den deutschen primark nicht mit dem in england oder sonst wo vergleichen...der pulli war ein glückstreffer:)

  6. hey danke :) kommst ja aus der schweiz :D

  7. bitte, bitte:)
    wann gehst du denn nach london?

    ja, die accessoires sind bei primark top! dagegen kann man echt nichts sagen...ich finde da immerwieder was, aber sobald du bei den klamotten schaust wirst du verrückt!

  8. i've always avoided velvet because i don't like the feel of it but i did try on a gorgeous velvet dusty pink skirt yesterday so i may be converted!
    i love the purple dress by TFNC :) x

  9. I like the last dress. :)

    Follow ur blog, hope U follow too.

  10. i got a velvet scoop neck dress from H&M the other day for £15 and i loves it <3

    and then i got two velvet skirts from primark for a fiver each (burgundy and black)

    i love velvet but the feel of it makes my boyfriend vom! damn, good job he lives in london then!

    love love <3

  11. love the shoe by karen millen!!


  12. ohhh jaaaaaa!!!

    velvet.. time! Winter.... is now!

    nice Blog

    thnks so much for your lovely comment on

    i following now!! and you?



  13. Hi sweety :) how are you ?
    I love this selection of clothes, they're just wonderful !!!!


  14. oh, ich hab deinen kommentar erst jetzt gesehen :)
    jaa freut mich wenn dir unser blog gefällt.
    dein blog ist auch sehr sehr schön, ich denke ich werd dich mal verfolgen.

    grüße elisa <3<3

  15. love the shoes !!
    they look so nice, I want them..
    I like you blog, its very nice.

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  16. I LOOOOVE velvet! I was so excited when I saw it was coming into style this season! I've just bought a velvet tunic dress from H&M- it caught my eye right away because I thought it looked very '90s inspired. Great post!!!

    *Claudia* xx

  17. Hmm I love the pants and shoes in the third photo!!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :D

    Haru x

  18. thx for your comment,
    hmm yes I bet they are expensive, I love all of her shoes. although I havent seen these on ASOS.
    I like your blog, maybe we can follow eachother , that would be nice.


  19. wooooh , these photos are really nice ! ! ! :O
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  20. great inspirations! I like the trousers...
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    thanks, v

  21. love all velvet!

  22. It's so funny, that's probably why I never see people wearing velvel in Switzerland. I think in the 70s and 80s it used to be considered more dressy, but nowadays it's just another winter fabric. It looks so luscious and it's so soft, I think it looks nice with other heavy fabrics.

    I personally find it too heavy for party dresses, it gets pretty warm, especially indoors and after a few drinks ;-)