Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

Spain 2010

Last Week I was in Spain.
We passed the most nights in Finca de Sauco, a guesthouse that took me immediately to my heart. Every guest has his own little apartment which air love and charm because of the arrangement. You have a great seaview, even when you sit in your bed! You feel like you are in your own family because of the familiar atmosphere. You eat with the two lovely men, Jésus and Joel, in their own dining room. They speak French and of course Spanish The meal is absoulutely delicious! They show you how delicate and various the Spanish cuisine can be.
Around the building are a lot of animals. A lot of cats, dogs, biddies, two mokes and peacocks and and and.
It's situatet in the altitude so it's very calm and perfect for relaxing vacations. With a car you are very rapidly in bigger cities and at a beach. You can visit touristic places but also little villages or you take a walk.
I can just recommend you this place! I'm sure you would love it too!

If you are interested take a look in their homepage!

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